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We run a couple of well administrated and consistent game servers. Our aim is to have fun, preferrable with a good squad-/teamplay and together with other players enjoying the same style of gaming. We got plenty of steady gamers on our servers and we listen to your feedback or any questions you may encounter.

So if you want to contact us or join our free of charge community, register an acount at this site and leave us a message.

If you are interested to chat with us (=]RC[= members) and other players on our servers, make sure to download the latest Teamspeak 3 Client for your desired operating system. Check our TS3 Server to the right (or bottom on a mobile device) if there are any players or =]RC[= clan members online. Even if it will show empty, join the free to access Lobby channel. Somebody may pick you up from there. :)

Announcement: Rising Storm 2 Update 1.6.1 Is Now Live
posted by [RC]Hunter @ 02 Jun 2021, 09:26

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where sprinting and meleeing with weapons that did not have a melee animation would end the user in a bad state and crash
Fixed an issue that prevented EGS players from accessing the Green Army Men content.

Fixed an issue where the Rifleman role was not available for the US forces in campaign.
Lowered the US ...

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Announcement: Maintenance of our backend
posted by [RC]Hunter @ 14 Jan 2021, 16:51

For those which do not follow us on Twitter:

This morning we took our servers offline for maintenance. This affected all services, such as game and voice servers, as well our website. We performed required system updates and added some hardware upgrades.

Since you are reading this message, our systems are obviously back online.


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