Server Status and Statistics

Here you will receive an up-to-date overview about the games for which we currently operate servers. What is the current load, which map currently runs and what has been the server name ...? ;)
By tradition you can find our servers in Bad Company 2, also in Red Orchestra (Pacific Mod) / Rising Storm Vietnam and successfully for the hardcore shooter Insurgency as well.

For some games we spared no effort and set up an extra statistics database. Depending on the technical competence of various game engines this can be realized, but not necessarily for all titles. Further down you can find the corresponding links to the separate statistics pages we currently offer.

Current status of our servers
Server Name Players Map
   =]RC[= STRATEGO - BC2 Conquest 0/32 Laguna Presa
   =]RC[= STRATEGO - BC2 Vietnam Conquest 0/32 Hill 137
   #1 Panzerschlacht HC by 0/32 Panama Canal
   =]RC[= STRATEGO - RO2 Pacific War 0/64 Maggot Hill
   =]RC[= STRATEGO - Classic | Stats | Public [COOP] 0/8 peak
   =]RC[= STRATEGO - Pure Insurgency | Stats | 128 tick 0/32 tell
   =]RC[= STRATEGO - Sandstorm Coop 0/8 Oilfield

There are currently 0 player(s) playing at our servers.
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Active player statistics
=]RC[= STRATEGO - BC2 Conquest
=]RC[= STRATEGO - BC2 Vietnam Conquest

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