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18 Nov 2016, 12:41

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Mit dem heute erschienen November-Patch für Battlefield 1 sind auch mietbare Server auf allen Plattformen verfügbar. Allerdings muss man an dieser Stelle ein großes Aber hinterherschieben: Viel mehr als die Möglichkeit, einen Server zu mieten sowie ein paar Gameplay-Elemente und Map- und Modirotation anzupassen, gibt es aktuell noch nicht. Auf Twitter erklärt der verantwortliche Designer auf Nachfrage, was in den kommenden Wochen an Features dazukommen wird und wir haben abseits davon die Übersicht, was aktuell möglich ist.

Die aktuelle Version der mietbaren Server erinnert an eine leicht aufgemotzte Variante der Konsolenserver von Battlefield 4. Im Klartext heißt das: Es ist wenig drin und dran. Mögliche Anpassungen beschränken sich auf folgende Dinge…

◾Name: Ihr wisst schon, was ein Servername ist. Oder? Gut.
◾Rotation: Maps und Spielmodi können beliebig kombiniert werden. Dabei unschön: Der Server ist aktuell auf die Standardspielerzahl des Modus mit den wenigsten Spielern limitiert.
◾Waffen, Fahrzeuge und Klassen: Waffengruppen, Fahrzeuggruppen und Klassen (inklusive der Eliteklassen) können deaktiviert werden.
◾Gameplay: Killcam, Interface, Friendly Fire, Regeneration, 3D-Spotting, Minimap-Spotting, dauerhafter Nebel, Namensanzeigen und die Außensicht von Fahrzeugen lassen sich einzeln de- und aktivieren.
◾Regeln: Waffenschaden, Ticketzahl, Respawn-Timer und Fahrzeug-Respawn-Timer lassen sich anpassen.

Damit lassen sich natürlich Dinge wie ein Classic Preset umsetzen; viele von Admins gewünschte – und in älteren Serienteilen verfügbare – Features fehlen allerdings komplett. Auf Twitter hat Ali Hasoon nun verraten, woran man arbeitet und was bald kommt.

◾Anpassbare Spielerzahl: Die Spielerzahl kann in Zukunft unabhängig vom Modus eingestellt werden.
◾Admin-Features: Kicks, Bans und Admin-Messages sollen bald kommen.
◾Behemoth deaktivieren: Der Behemoth kann bald deaktiviert werden.
◾Und Mehr: Automatische und an Plugins erinnernde Features sollen später ebenfalls kommen.

Einfach nur lächerlich ... wie soll man verstehen warum ein Spiel veröffentlicht wird, ohne das die Server Struktur steht ... ich würde an dieser Stelle behaupten : "sauber hinters Licht geführt" ... und wer Server nun bereits anmietet hat den Schuss nicht gehört und selbigem ist nicht zu helfen ...

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22 Nov 2016, 23:15

Tja, bezüglich dieses Trauerspiels noch ein interessanter Erfahrungsbericht des Users GrowlmonDrgnbutt - gefunden vor ein paar Tagen auf


I went ahead and bought a 7 day server to go ahead and test my suspicions about rent-a-server. I had my expectations a bit high, hoping DICE/EA would remember the success of rent-a-server in BF3 and would learn from their mistakes and bad implementation in BF4. Boy was I wrong, it's even worse now.

You can only add up to 6 maps in a rotation. There should not be a limit (or at least one so high it would allow every map from every DLC to be played on it at least once).
There is no ban list. You cannot ban players from your server, whether you're in the game or not. This is by far the most important feature of rent-a-server as means of removing the toxic players that constantly sabotage a team by driving vehicles right to the enemy spawn, battle taxi, or just outright destroy team vehicles. The people that stand in front of field guns and AAs because someone else got there first, that type of stuff.
There is no in-game server menu. You cannot choose the next map, kick players, or balance teams in-game (or out, for that matter).
You cannot disable "skill-based" autobalance.
You cannot see a list of players in your own server unless you are in the game.
Any edits made to the server as all such as reducing respawn times or increasing ticket count will label the server with a big "CUSTOM" sign. I could understand this for something so big as changing bullet damage, but respawn times are a bit excessive.
In addition to that, you can only choose set values for these at 50%, 100%, and 200%. You cannot write in 500%, 0%, 750%, etc.
There is no way to remove a specific weapon, only the type of weapon, and gadgets cannot be removed. This is necessary in case of any mishaps such as the previous M26 dart glitch in BF3, or the USAS-12 frag rounds being blatantly overpowered around the launch of BF3.
"Land Vehicles" and "Air Vehicles" are the only options for removing vehicles. YOU CANNOT REMOVE THE BEHEMOTH OR CHANGE THE BEHEMOTH SPAWN RULES OR ANYTHING OF THAT SORT. In addition, you cannot disable a specific vehicle.
You cannot reserve slots for yourself, admins, or VIPs.
Not to mention you cannot set anyone as an admin.
Not to mention you have no admin privileges even though you rented the server.

Seriously, this is absurd and a complete let-down. This game has been a big let down to me already in terms of server balancing, always moving me and my squad to the enemy team after every win to the point where I have stopped playing this game since OCTOBER. I figured rent-a-server would be a great way to keep games balanced, as every game my friends and I have been screwed onto a team of idiots and forced to attempt to carry against a competent team. That is NOT fun.

Here's the BARE MINIMUM of what needs to happen for server rental to be worthwhile:

Quickmatch must matchmake players into ANY ranked rented server, not just ones that are entirely unedited. Only exceptions would be servers that completely change gameplay such as sniper/pistol only, or if health or bullet damage are changed.
Editing the server should not change it from ranked to "CUSTOM" unless it's an entire gameplay change such as snipers only.
In-game server options; including switching any player to either team, kicking any player, and banning any player.
Increase the map rotation cap to at least 30 maps.
Ability to set players as admins from the server menu from outside of the server.
Ability to ban specific players by writing them in from outside of the server.
Ability to disable the behemoth.

That's just the bare minimum to make it worthwhile to pick up a server. There's plenty more it needs than that.

Ability to write kick/ban/balance presets when when editing a player in-game so it shows them a message as to why they were teamswitched, kicked, or banned. ei: "Kicked: Destroying team vehicles is not allowed."
Ability to change the values on the behemoth so it spawns more/less frequently, such as changing how many tickets need to be between the two teams for it to spawn and the minimum amount of time/tickets to have passed before the behemoth can spawn.
Ability to disable SPECIFIC (not just the type) weapons/vehicles/equipment from being used in the server without putting a "CUSTOM" preset marker on the server unless it restricts everything to only use one type of weapon. (Reasons such as people abusing landmines not having a cooldown so you can place all 3 at once and shoot them to OHK anything (pretty sure it was fixed with this update))
Ability to make players VIPs so that they will be moved to the front of the queue in front of any other premium and nonpremium players. This includes both admins and VIPs to have priority access to their own server. Makes sense, doesn't it?
Ability to set a server banner.
Ability to disable "skill-based" balancing, since it's the most absurd thing in all of Battlefield apart from this blasphemy of rent a server.
Ability to override the next map to play a specific map next.
Ability to entirely customize anything that has a timer rather than using preset values at 50%, 100%, and 200%. Respawn times should be able to be set to 0%, 25%, 75%, etc at the very least. Tickets should be able to be changed to literally anything. Let people make it 666% if they want it. It shouldn't be hard to just make it a percentage slider in increments of 1%.
Ability to make a server private and password-locked (important for clans I'm sure)

A final note: Rent-a-server was supposed to push consoles towards having the likes of PC 3rd party servers. Instead, you've completely stepped in the wrong direction and neutered console rent-a-server and forcing it on PC players entirely. What should've happened is finding a way to get console 3rd party servers and the ability to use rcon and all. Stop trying to "protect" the crappy playerbase that no one likes and will give this game up in 3 months because they're too stupid to put down their sniper to get a better score and PTFO.

I may have forgotten something, so comment anything I should have added.


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